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Gen ([personal profile] ryujinjakka) wrote2014-10-26 11:27 pm
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Piggyback (BLEACH)

Title: Piggyback
Prompt: #012 - carry @ [community profile] bleach100
Character: Zaraki, Yachiru
Canon: Manga
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100

Zaraki Kenpachi is not a man well versed in softer emotions. Part of that is because he was never exposed to them during his formative years and he has no patience to learn them now. They are not important in the grand scheme of his life.

The other part is that those whom he does care about do not need him to say it out loud. Yachiru knows that he cares when he teaches her to fight. She can run along side him, but he never minds when she grabs a fist of his shihakushō and makes him carry her weight.

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