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There Are Lines (BLEACH)

Title: There Are Lines
Prompt: #008 - accuse @ [community profile] bleach100
Character: Kisuke
Canon: Manga
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100

He stands accused of experimenting with hollowfication on eight of Seireitei's finest officers.

It's not that he's not capable or that his morals wouldn't allow it. Because he certainly is and he really has no morals to speak of.

However, Kisuke would not have chosen them to be his first test subjects. Why would he choose high-ranking officers when he has free access to the Maggot's Nest?

Aizen may be a genius, but he is also incredibly stupid. Experimenting on Kisuke's adorably violent fukutaichō? That's not allowed. Kisuke takes care of what is his. Aizen will come to regret this.

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