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Trick or Treat Exchange Letter

This looks like a fun low-key fest for one of my favorite holidays. I'm going to jump right in with prompts and likes/dislikes, but take the characters where they lead you. I'm sure I will love any art or fic you come up with.

family, friends-that-are-family, ships, ladies, crossovers, halloween themed, dubious and non-consent (please not the classic yaoi "no-no-no, oh wait yes" though), body appreciation, exploring dark "what if" stories, ghosts, enthusiastic consent, time travel, het/slash/femslash/poly, posession
complete (human/coffeeshop/etc) aus, first or second person pov, a/b/o universes, genderswap/sexswap, issuefic, fusions, explicit/detailed gore, scat/watersports, possessive jealousy, awful communication, spanking

I am not glued 100% to any canon. Taking creative liberties is fine. I like the Visoreds a lot and see them as family. I love the relationships between shinigami and their zanpakutō. I ship pretty much anything.
×Kurosaki Ichigo
 trick :: Hichigo/Ichigo battles for dominance that sap his strength, Ichigo's hollow is more powerful than the other visoreds' (and they rattle their chains and cause problems as Hichigo starts to feed them more power), Isshin is dead leaving 15yo Ichigo to care for his sisters
 treat :: Ichigo/Chad fluff or friendship, Ichigo finding family with the Visoreds
×Abarai Renji
 trick :: Aizen/Renji he found a use for him instead of sending him to the 11th, Rukia/Renji he doesn't make it in time
 treat :: Rukia/Renji never go to the academy (and end up happier by getting married and opening their house to other street rats), the better times of growing up in Rukongai
×Kuchiki Rukia
 trick :: being haunted by Kaien in more ways than one, Rukia feels like she's more of a replacement for Hisana than is healthy for anyone
 treat :: happy Kuchiki family fun times, Rukia/Renji they grew up poor but free, Rukia/Ichigo warmth, Rukia/Orihime not afraid to smile
×Urahara Kisuke
 trick :: more morally dubious Kisuke documents the Visored phenomenon (he is helping them but he's also getting interesting data), Aizen/Urahara seduced to the darkside by science
 treat :: Kisuke/Hiyori Turn Back the Pendulum relationship exploring, Benihime/Kisuke submitting to his queen, Yoruichi/Kisuke silly semi-planned sex pollen mishaps
×Hisagi Shūhei
 trick :: Ayasegawa/Hisagi he is still connected to Yumichika by way of his zanpakutō, Shūhei/Kazeshini defeat, Tōsen/Hisagi fear
 treat :: Shūhei/Kensei welcoming his captain home, learning to play the guitar, Shūhei/Renji friendly roughhousing
×Madarame Ikkaku
 trick :: Luppi/Ikkaku tentacles, a fight that ends very badly
 treat :: Ikkaku/Hōzukimaru lazy, Madarame/Kira becoming the 3rd Division Captain, Yumichika/Ikkaku occasionally Yumichika doesn't care about getting dirty
×Ayasegawa Yumichika
 trick :: Ayasegawa/Hisagi Ruri'iro Kujaku hungers for another taste of Hisagi, Yumichika/Ikakku he owns this man
 treat :: Yumichika/Mizuho a kindred spirit, relationship with Ruri'iro Kujaku, hedonistic pleasures, Yumichika/Shūhei kisses
×Muguruma Kensei
 trick :: Kensei/Kaname betrayal, there are pieces of his memory missing
 treat :: Kensei/Shūhei piercings, Kensei/Mashiro they were already family before becoming Visoreds, Kensei/Shinji relief
×Sarugaki Hiyori
 trick :: Hiyori's hollow might be the strongest of all of the Visoreds, it felt like abandonment when Kirio left
 treat :: Hiyori/Kisuke starting to get along, Hiyori/Shinji he's not afraid of her, Hiyori/Orihime sometimes niceness hurts and heals
×Hirako Shinji
 trick :: Aizen/Hirako one more indignity, Shinji/Hiyori as she lays there dying
 treat :: Shinji/Ichigo it's hard not to like this loyal kid, the Visored are his to protect now (and Seireitei can go eat shit)

(One Piece)
Occasionally I just want early One Piece cheer. Luffy/Zoro/Nami forever, with entertained brother Ace in the background.
×Roronoa Zoro
 trick :: Sandai Kitetsu is slowly posessing Zoro and making him more bloodthirsty, Kuina is haunting Zoro in a way that is killing him
 treat :: Luffy/Zoro the trust he has in his captain is well rewarded, Zoro/Nami she's a devil woman but damn if she can't hold her booze
×Monkey D. Luffy
 trick :: Ace's ghost is haunting and hurting Luffy, Luffy becomes a Marine and the world suffers
 treat :: party time on the Going Merry, visiting an island that celebrates Halloween
 trick :: Luffy doesn't defeat Arlong and Nami is more trapped than ever, Nojiko is taken captive to ensure Nami's compliance
 treat :: very early series Luffy/Zoro/Nami getting-to-know-each-other fluff, Nami and Nojiko will always be family
×Portgas D. Ace
 trick :: devil fruits are named for where you go after you die, Ace doesn't die at Marineford but Luffy does
 treat :: Rouge doesn't die and actually raises Ace, Luffy rescues Ace and succeeds completely

(Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon)
I'm watching Crystal without rewatching the original or rereading the manga. I'm not worried about 'spoilers' but I would appreciate it if you worked in terms of Crystal. I feel like I'm getting to rediscover an old favorite.
×Hino Rei (Sailor Mars)
 trick :: the sacred fire is all consuming, Jadeite/Rei he catches her without her transformation pen
 treat :: Jadeite/Rei Silver Millennium courting, Makoto/Rei sparring together
×Kino Makoto (Sailor Jupiter)
 trick :: Nephrite/Makoto having to kill your lover, Makoto died in the plane crash with her parents but is still around as a ghost
 treat :: food is best shared with friends, working in the garden, staying outside during a storm feels like freedom
 trick :: Nephrite brings him back to life using Rei's lifeforce (but now he remembers his past)
 treat :: Jadeite/Rei Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, Jadeite/Nephrite they are both rivals and friends
 trick :: Beryl/Nephrite punishment for failure, Makoto/Nephrite there is something about her death that haunts him
 treat :: Nephrite/Makoto Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, Silver Millennium scenes with anyone
 trick :: he is their leader and the oldest of them and they will obey his orders or suffer, Kunzite/Minako he captures her as Sailor V
 treat :: Kunzite/Minako Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, he was Endymion's closest confidante
 trick :: knowing that he will fare no better than the other generals in capturing the Sailor Senshi but having to try anyways
 treat :: Zoisite/Ami Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, Zoisite/Jadeite a moment of rest, playing the piano
×Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen)
 trick :: he fell to the Dark Kingdom with his generals during the Silver Millennium, having to watch Usagi sacrifice herself, being possessed while still aware of the outside world
 treat :: Mamoru/Usagi fluff or sex, Silver Millennium scenes with the Shiten'ō, first Halloween party with the Sailor Senshi

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