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Chocolate Box Exchange Letter

I am enjoying these low-key holiday exchanges. I'm going to jump right in with prompts and likes/dislikes, but take the characters where they lead you. I'm sure I will love any art or fic you come up with.

family, friends-that-are-family, ships, ladies, crossovers, dubious and non-consent (please not the classic yaoi "no-no-no, oh wait yes" though), body appreciation, enthusiastic consent, time travel, het/slash/femslash/poly, sex
complete (human/coffeeshop/etc) aus, first or second person pov, a/b/o universes, genderswap/sexswap, issuefic, fusions, explicit/detailed gore, scat/watersports, possessive jealousy, awful communication, spanking

I am not glued 100% to any canon. Taking creative liberties is fine. I like the Visoreds a lot and see them as family. I love the relationships between shinigami and their zanpakutō.
 Ayasegawa Yumichika & Madarame Ikkaku :: they are friends for life, differences in opinion, how they first met, sharing food
 Kurosaki Ichigo & Kurosaki Karin :: going to soccer games, Karin's not one to cry but Ichigo will offer a shoulder if she needs it, asking for help from Ichigo rather than Isshin
 Kuna Mashiro & Muguruma Kensei :: they were already family before becoming Visoreds, a bickering sibling relationship, Mashiro trying to matchmake for Kensei
 Hollow Ichigo & Kurosaki Ichigo :: their world isn't black and white, learning how to get along, this will always be a fight, he's so hungry
 Abarai Renji/Kuchiki Rukia :: their history together cannot be erased, she's laughs until she can't breathe, Rukia has a sweet tooth
 Ishida Uryuu/Kurosaki Ichigo :: the shitty father award goes to, if Ichigo won't go shopping Uryuu will just make him new clothes, quincy
 Shihōin Yoruichi/Urahara Kisuke :: silly semi-planned sex pollen mishaps, discount chocolate sale, exhibitionist tendencies
 Hisagi Shuuhei/Muguruma Kensei :: piercings, tattoos, welcoming his captain home, learning how to ask for help, sex on his captain's desk
 Hirako Shinji/Kurosaki Ichigo :: it's hard not to like this loyal kid, up to something at school, a wide grin
 Kurosaki Ichigo/Zangetsu :: part of his soul, lessons in trust and letting go
 Kurosaki Ichigo/Sado "Chad" Yasutora :: fluff, fighting for each other, lingering kisses, height difference

(One Piece)
Occasionally I just want early One Piece cheer. Luffy/Zoro/Nami forever, with entertained brother Ace in the background.
 Monkey D. Luffy & Portgas D. Ace :: his clueless little brother, don't forget about me, childhood adventures and Garp's training
 Kuina & Roronoa Zoro :: the greatest swordsman in the world, going through puberty, a shared dream
 Nami & Nojiko :: tangerines, she will always be my sister, letters sent from the Grand Line
 Akagami no Shanks & Monkey D. Luffy :: a simple straw hat, watching as history is being made, strength of conviction
 Monkey D. Luffy/Nami :: barefoot on a sandy beach, that will cost him, loyalty is given not earned
 Monkey D. Luffy/Roronoa Zoro :: the level of trust between them, an afternoon nap
 Nami/Roronoa Zoro :: lazy, an alternative way to pay off debt, they are well matched at drinking contests
 Nami/Nefertari Vivi :: luxury, taking a bath together, playing with her hair
 Monkey D Luffy/Nami/Roronoa Zoro :: at the beginning, stealing the blankets, kissing

(Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon)
I would appreciate it if you worked in terms of Crystal. I love the Silver Millennium and do believe the Senshi and the Shiten'ō were lovers.
 Hino Rei & Kino Makoto :: a friendly spar, food is best shared with friends
 Endymion & Kunzite :: Silver Millennium scenes with the Shiten'ō, loyalty, he was Endymion's closest confidante
 Jadeite & Nephrite :: in the Silver Millennium, stand his ground
 Hino Rei & Tsukino Usagi :: mutual admiration, learning how to love again
 Aino Minako/Kunzite :: Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, the burden of being a leader
 Hino Rei/Jadeite :: Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, dance with me
 Kino Makoto/Nephrite :: Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, sit down and have dinner
 Mizuno Ami/Zoisite :: Usagi resurrects the Shiten'ō with the Ginzuishō, being romanced

(Katekyō Hitman Reborn!)
I am not glued 100% to any canon. Taking creative liberties is fine. I like the Varia and 10th Generation of Vongola a lot. I think the Box Weapons are awesome.
 Miura Haru & Sasagawa Kyōko :: self-appreciation day, all the cake they can eat, Tsuna
 Lussuria & Superbi Squalo :: competence is more important than quirks, hair maintenance
 Dino & Sawada Tsunayoshi :: he's always wanted a little brother, a helping hand
 Belphegor & Mammon :: nonbinary, bad habits, working partners
 Gokudera Hayato/Sawada Tsunayoshi :: the scent of smoke, call me by my name
 Sasagawa Kyōko/Sawada Tsunayoshi :: highschool sweethearts, watching the sunrise
 Chrome Dokurō/Rokudō Mukuro :: only in dreams, she'll be his masterpiece
 Superbi Squalo/Yamamoto Takeshi :: training cooldown, his voice is hoarse from screaming
 Gokudera Hayato/Miura Haru :: morning coffee, their arguing is foreplay
 Levi/Xanxus :: conversation, a string of ruined uniforms

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